OpenID Connect Explained

A brief introduction to OpenID Connect - the industry standard SSO protocol for online authentication.

User provisioning

Pros and cons of Just-in-time provisioning and Synchronized cloud directories.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) verifies a user’s identity by requiring multiple credentials.

Pain, Gain and Figma Connect

Is it possible to be more coordinated about changes in a design process? Figma Connect makes it easier for all roles in the company to stay up to...

New OIDC Engine

Release 4.4.0 is finally out! This release contains an entirely new OIDC engine to enable better extensibility and error handling.

API Tokens

Release of Kantega SSO Enterprise v.4.1.0 with support for API Tokens. This allow remote agents to establish personalized integrations with Atlassian...

Fast User Switch and SSO

How to use Kantega SSO Enterprise (K-SSO) in combination with the Fast User Switcher (FUS) app from Actonic.