Single Sign-on solutions made effortless

Kantega SSO provides you with the tools you need to secure and streamline your login to all Atlassian products.



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SSO with OIDC, SAML and Kerberos

Kantega SSO Enterprise has full support for industry-standard SSO protocols like OpenID Connect (OIDC), SAML, and Kerberos (Integrated Windows Authentication).

With this combination of available protocols, users will be able to authenticate with any identity provider (IDP) using any device.

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Unified Atlassian experience

Kantega SSO Enterprise is built to provide a unified experience across all Atlassian products. This means that the setup process and login experience feels familiar across Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Fisheye, and Crucible.

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Setup wizard and guides

You get a guided experience for setting up your SSO, with detailed guides for the most common identity providers such as AD FS, Auth0, Amazon Cognito, Azure AD, GitHub, GitLab, Google Workspace (GSuite), Keycloak, Okta, OneLogin, Ping One, Ping Federate, Salesforce, and WSO2 Asgardeo.
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Advanced redirection rules

Our features are evolved from real-world use cases provided by our customers. This provides the basis for unmatched flexibility in user lookup and redirection rules that can be customized to fit almost any use- and business case.

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API authentication

Secure API access from external services by using generated API tokens instead of passwords. This allows each API integration to have its own managed secret and not be tied to the user's password.
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User management

Kantega SSO Enterprise provides flexibility for user management and provisioning by connecting your existing users using Just-in-Time provisioning (JIT), System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), or API connectors. You will save time and increase security.

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Premium Support

We provide premium support to all our customers. The support includes everything in the product lifecycle, from installation to maintenance. Our developers assists you on-demand, helping you resolve any problem.


What our customers say

The app comes with solid features, its easy to setup and clear to debug and test. We have never had any production failure in over five years for our 10k users. Simply the best app for the job.

Great and fast support! Also for our case the vendor implemented custom features, which were sometimes even implemented within one day.

I am very satisfied with the plugin. Easy to install and configure, everything is very very well documented. The support is fast and they are really motivated to help.

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