SSO for Atlassian Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket

Kantega SSO for Atlassian Data Center supports multiple setups and protocols such as OIDC, SAML and Kerberos. We cover your needs now and in the future. 

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Secure login to Atlassian

Set up Single Sign-On with any Identity Provider using industry-standard protocols. Combine authentication methods and IDPs as you need, allowing your users effortless login from any device, from everywhere.

Supported protocols

  • OpenID Connect/OAuth 2.0
  • SAML
  • Kerberos


Easy setup for all IDPS

AD FS, Auth0, Amazon Cognito, Azure AD GitHub, GitLab, Google Workspace (GSuite), Keycloak, Okta, OneLogin, Ping One, Ping Federate, Salseforce and WSO2 Asgardeo ++

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Flexible user management

Streamline user management by syncing existing users to Atlassian. Increase security, save time and easily stay on top of user access. 

User provisioning

  • Just-in-Time provisioning
  • SCIM 2.0
  • API connectors


User management

  • User and group sync
  • Group management
  • User Cleanup
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Tailored login experience

Unmatched flexibility in user lookup and redirection rules so that login can be customized to fit almost any use- and business case.

Redirection rules

  • Auto redirect
  • Domain based
  • Group based
  • User directory based

User lookup

  • Custom Username Attributes
  • Username transformations
  • Test transformations
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Secure API integrations

Use API Tokens so that users can set up secure integrations between Atlassian and other systems. Allowing your users to manage secrets for each API integration, allowing detailed access control and improved password protection.

Protection methods

  • IP restrictions
  • Secure URLs
  • Disable basic auth

What our customers say

The app comes with solid features, its easy to setup and clear to debug and test. We have never had any production failure in over five years for our 10k users. Simply the best app for the job.

Great and fast support! Also for our case the vendor implemented custom features, which were sometimes even implemented within one day.

I am very satisfied with the plugin. Easy to install and configure, everything is very very well documented. The support is fast and they are really motivated to help.

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