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Richer API tokens and SAML login hint

We have added richer API Tokens settings, and usernames are forwarded to the IdP as SAML login hints.

More control of API tokens

API tokens enable better authentication and integration of services with your Atlassian products. This release has added new features that give you greater control over who can create these tokens and where they can be used. IP restrictions lets you limit the network access, and User Permission gives you control over who can create tokens.

IP Address Restriction

Limit what IP ranges that are allowed to send API requests to your Atlassian environment. With the Deny and Allow mode, you have a wide range of possibilities for restricting IP addresses. Read more about IP restrictions.

Token IP restrictions administration screen

User Permissions

With these user permissions settings, you get even more control over which users can create API tokens. Now, when you allow user-created tokens, you can restrict this ability to certain user groups. You can also limit the maximum duration of user-created tokens.

User permission administration screen

You can read more about API tokens and how you can use them to set up integrations to Atlassian APIs in our documentation.

SAML Login Hint

Kantega SSO allows you to employ a 2-step login and automatically redirect a subset of users to a particular identity provider for SSO authentication. In release 4.3.0, we include a login hint when redirecting to identity providers, making this mode even better.

Atlassian login screen and IDP login screen

For all identity providers supporting login hint, users will now only need to type their username once. The IdP will automatically pick up this value and prefill the username field for you.

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