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Fast User Switch and SSO

How to use Kantega SSO Enterprise (K-SSO) in combination with the Fast User Switcher (FUS) app from Actonic.

This article shows how Kantega SSO Enterprise (K-SSO) can be used in combination with the Fast User Switcher (FUS) app from Actonic. Together these two apps gives system admins super powers. With K-SSO, users can sign in to Jira using the same identity as they use elsewhere in their work day. System admins can also configure and align multiple login mechanisms to balance security and usability. With FUS, system admins can also trouble shoot and configure Atlassian systems on behalf of users.

2 ways to optimize IT process routines

Using an SSO solution will significantly reduce the number of access-related problems. However, some issues still require signing in from an employee’s account, for example, when an application administrator needs to reproduce the employee’s actions when facing a problem, to see what the employee sees, to check something, to adjust the settings, etc. What do you do in this case? Asking for credentials may compromise security since the user has the same login and password for everything and some of these data can be classified as confidential. How can we handle this situation then? Using a Fast User Switcher (FUS) for Jira or a Fast User Switcher (FUS) for Confluence can be a great solution, as both of these tools allow Jira and Confluence administrators to log in as any user to resolve issues, test processes, provide support or make changes on behalf of employees. What’s important is that it is absolutely secure as you simply switch between users by typing “su” at any page to open a Fast User Switcher dialogue - with no credentials required. The screenshot below shows how simple it is to change idenity.


Try out Fast User Switcher (FUS) for Jira or Fast User Switcher (FUS) for Confluence, and switch between users without compromising security.

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